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Waterproof Clothing in Leicester

Outdoor waterproof clothing can be vital for certain outdoor activities as the weather can turn quickly and you don’t want to be caught out, miles from anywhere wearing the wrong gear. Our range of waterproof jackets and accessories can provide ultimate protection against the wind and the rain, whilst still providing comfort and warmth.

With sporting wax available for your boots and Nikwax for added protection to your countrywear waterproof clothing, AMB Countrywear have you covered. We ensure the brands we sell fit within the style requirements of our customers and to also suit the outdoor fashion, allowing many items to be worn casually or for specific events. The stylish design and durability and comfort of our clothing range is something we are extremely proud of. Our range of waterproof gear, includes waterproof shooting jackets, shooting trousers and various stylish country clothing items and accessories, suitable for all weather. It gives you the confidence to go out and enjoy the activity, without worrying about the weather.

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