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Meindl has a long and storied history dating back to 1683, when Petrus Meindl worked as the first shoemaker in his family. Starting the company in 1928 and eventually being run by Petrus’ Grandchildren Alfons and Hannes Meindl, the shoe company flourished and became synonymous Worldwide with quality, endurance and comfort for outdoor wear. As German Footwear Champions in 1976, this only cemented their position as tough-wear boots, especially when Hubert Hillmayer conquered Mt. Everest wearing a pair of Meindl boots.

Slowly shifting focus from mountain-tough boots to casual footwear for outdoor activities, as well as creating their own unique style and designs, these durable shoes endured decades against strong competition. We uphold this tradition by selling the leading model of Meindl boots for outdoor use, the Dovre Extreme GTX, offering ankle support and Gore-Tex protection for waterproof adventuring.

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